The company that you have recognized for Quality Heads and Shells and excellent customer service is bringing that Quality and Customer Service to the Flow Meter Industry.

Quality Products

ASME/ISO Venturi Tubes

We offer Machined Inlet and “Rough Welded” Convergent Venturi tubes.  Our Engineers determine which type best fits the application.  The standard short form with 15 degree included angle on the divergent section or the long form with 7.5 degree included angle can be provided.

Rolled cones are made “in-house” so we can provide the best quality at the lowest costs.

ASME/ISO Flow Nozzles

We can provide flanged or weld-in type flow nozzles.  Flow nozzles are installed with upstream and downstream pipe sections to insure proper installation.

ASME/ISO Orifice Meter Runs typically include an orifice flange union, hardware, orifice plate and upstream and downstream pipe sections.

AGA3 Orifice Meter Runs may be provided with Orifice Flanges, single chamber orifice fittings or dual chamber orifice fittings.  Inspection Reports including Micrometer Readings can be provided.   Custom design with flow conditioners, branch connections and skid mounting are available.

ASME Products can be designed and manufactured in accordance the latest ASME MFC or PTC Standard.

ISO Products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest edition of the required Section of ISO 5167.

Similarly, AGA products are in accordance with appropriate standard.

Flow Division Products | Baker Tankhead


Our Engineering Department has a Professional Engineer with over 30 years of flow meter design and manufacturing experience.  It is important that flow meters be designed and manufactured not only in accordance with the flow measurement codes but also in accordance with the design code. We have extensive experience in the Power, Process, Oil, and Gas, and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) industries.

We can provide expert technical support for our products.


Flow Division Products | Baker Tankhead