CNC controlled water tables

The largest of two CNC controlled water tables allows us to cut any size sheet of material with the table being 168" x 488". Our 200 amp high definition plasma, along with liquid oxygen, generates speed and accuracy for quality heads and parts. Oxy-Fuel is also available for those thick carbon steel parts. Contact us for lifting lugs or custom parts.


In house machining capabilities

In house machining capabilities allow us to manufacture our own dies as well as offer special edge requirements for your tank heads. We have the capabilities to do a wide variety of custom machining so be sure to ask us what we can do for you.

Quality ControlQuality Control - Tank heads are checked

Tank heads are checked by each department supervisor during the manufacturing process. When your head has completed production, then our Quality Control department performs a final inspection to insure all dimensions are correct and your specific requirements, if any, have been met.

Freight Services

Frieght Services & Shipping

Our north Texas location along with our shipping racks allow us to ship competitively anywhere in the U.S.
Our custom shipping solutions provide on time delivery and quality care for your products on their journey to your destination.